Capturing online safety risks offline: working together for a whole community approach

Screenshot of animated video "What do children want to help them stay safe online? - Views from children in Blackpool", featuring adults and children sat down using laptops

By Dr Larissa Engelmann, Professor Corinne May-Chahal and Dr Christine A. Weirich, published: 06/02/2024. Efforts to prevent online harm among children mostly take place after harm has occurred, e.g. using artificial intelligence to detect images online, or beforehand through schools and educational initiatives. Yet online sexual abuse continues to increase. Most significantly in the aftermath of the …

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Centre staff present emerging research findings at LEPH 2023

Members of the Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre sat on chairs on a stage with presentation slides on a large screen behind them

Members of the ESRC Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre have shared emerging findings from current Centre research projects at the Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH) 2023 conference in Umeå, Sweden. 23 May 2023 Beginning a series of talks, Co-Directors Professor Adam Crawford and Professor Charlie Lloyd introduced the panel session by outlining the …

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