Our research projects

The Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre works on multiple projects across our three research work strands, combining data science with qualitative insights.

Bird's eye view of many people walking across a zebra crossing

Place-based research

Place is central in understanding the relationships between vulnerability and policing services. This research examines how vulnerability develops in urban areas, initially focusing on Bradford and Leeds.

We are drawing together research and datasets from the public sector – police, health, social services and education – to understand how different agencies interact. We will study how organisations respond to vulnerability and identify possible ways they can reduce levels of harm.

Problem-oriented research

This programme of research focuses on particular problems that are prevalent in policing vulnerability.

Among other issues, we are looking at exploitation by county lines drug networks, online child sexual victimisation, domestic abuse, modern slavery, and the policing of mental illness and homelessness.

Public engagement

This research examines public understanding of policing, the issues people feel are most important and the appetite for change. The findings will complement research evidence from across the Centre to help inform public debate, policy and practice. Our aim is to transform how organisations work together to prevent harm and reduce vulnerability.