The SHaRE IT Project: Enhancing Procedural Justice for Racially Minoritised Young Women Reporting Sexual Harassment to the Police

Woman standing on seashore during daytime

By Trish Chinzara, published: 28/06/2024. This blog was originally published on the N8 PRP website. Trish Chinzara discusses the SHaRE IT Project and the new workshop designed to improve the police reporting experiences of racially minoritised women and girls. The SHaRE IT Project – Sexual Harassment and Reporting Equity, Inclusion and Trust – is a …

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Launch of the Anti-Racist Research Toolkit

Graphic of lots of people from different backgrounds

By Dr Katy Sian, published: 10/06/2024. As the Centre’s Lead for Race and Ethnicity, I am delighted to announce the launch of the Anti-Racist research toolkit. The toolkit has been developed to support development of anti-racist research within the Centre and in the wider academic community, offering information and ideas around how to produce anti-racist …

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Working in policing and vulnerability: Insider tips from an early career researcher and harm reduction specialist

Janine Ewen

By Janine Ewen, published: 04/04/2024. This blog was originally published on Policing Insight. I think it’s safe to say I’ve had an unorthodox and extremely challenging career to date. I’ve trained police officers, helped the police in dealing with messy situations, and seen the extreme end of policing (militarised police operations against drug traffickers in …

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The stories we tell about domestic abuse, with domestic abuse service providers

Person holding mobile phone in their hands

By Dr Rebecca Shaw, published: 22/02/2024. This blog was originally published on the N8 PRP website. As one of the first recipients of the inaugural ESRC Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre’s ECR Development Fund, I am investigating the power of systemic and structural narratives on domestic abuse, as witnessed by service-providers who support both …

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Capturing online safety risks offline: working together for a whole community approach

Screenshot of animated video "What do children want to help them stay safe online? - Views from children in Blackpool", featuring adults and children sat down using laptops

By Dr Larissa Engelmann, Professor Corinne May-Chahal and Dr Christine A. Weirich, published: 06/02/2024. Efforts to prevent online harm among children mostly take place after harm has occurred, e.g. using artificial intelligence to detect images online, or beforehand through schools and educational initiatives. Yet online sexual abuse continues to increase. Most significantly in the aftermath of the …

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Through the Cracks in County Lines

A white and orange train moving at speed on railway tracks

By Dr Tobias Kammersgaard and Dr Chris Devany, published: 23/10/2023. This blog was originally published on the N8 PRP website. The term ‘county lines’ is used to refer to the practice of drug sellers from larger cities travelling to smaller towns to distribute illicit drugs. Exploitation is common as those involved will often recruit, groom …

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Police learning: a way to rebuild trust in policing?

Two female police officers stood with their backs to the camera, both wearing hi-vis fluorescent jackets with the word 'police' on them.

By Dr Larissa Engelmann, published: 06/06/2023. “There is a crisis of confidence in policing in this country which is corroding public trust. The reasons are deep rooted and complex – some cultural and others systemic. However, taken together, unless there is urgent change, they will end up destroying the principle of policing by consent that has …

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Uncovering the causes of police racial disparities

Two Metropolitan Police officers wearing hi-vis stood in Trafalgar Square, London, with members of the public walking around

By Dr David Rowlands, published: 18/04/2023. The disproportionate stop and search (S&S) of young black people is an enduring issue that sparks significant media coverage and political discussion, with implications for police legitimacy. Indeed, racial disparities exist in other areas of policing and are repeated in the wider Criminal Justice System. While the MacPherson Inquiry (1999) …

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