PhD Network

The Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre runs an international PhD Network.

Two PhD students in conversation, sat at a table with laptop and notes

The Network brings together a community of PhD students across multiple disciplines who focus on the intersection of vulnerability and policing. It aims to encourage collaboration, learning and innovative research.

The Network provides a forum for discussion among PhD students, training opportunities, and organises talks from speakers working in the field of vulnerability and policing.

Why join the PhD Network?

Peer support community

Benefit from a supportive peer network of fellow PhD students with shared interests and goals. Whether seeking advice, feedback, or simply camaraderie, our peer support community provides a valuable source of encouragement and solidarity throughout your academic journey.

Access to innovative research

By joining our PhD Network, you will gain access to cutting-edge methodologies, engage with other researchers and contribute to discussions to shape the future of policing.

Global perspective

While based in the United Kingdom, the PhD Network aims to be a hub where PhD students can contribute to international debates on policing and vulnerability issues.

Engaging events

Participate in a variety of engaging online events throughout the year, including guest speaker presentations, training opportunities, seminars, and interactive workshops. These events are specifically designed for those interested in policing and vulnerability.

Annual Summer School

As part of our network, we are launching an annual Summer School, initially conducted online with the potential for in-person events in the future. Throughout the year, we will host additional online events covering relevant topics and research areas, featuring guest speakers, training opportunities, and seminars. These events are tailored for PhD students engaged in policing and vulnerability, with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding this network, please email