Research Affiliates Scheme

Research Affiliates to the ESRC Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre are part of the Centre community. They have a professional interest in work aligned with its research agenda and help to take forward its mission, values and principles.

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Affiliates have the opportunity to engage with Centre work via updates, events and activities, and to liaise with the Centre’s researchers and co-investigators, as well as fellow Affiliates as part of a wider network.

All recipients of Centre awards, such as Early Career Researcher Development Fund grant holders, Translational Fellows and Visiting Fellows are accorded the status of Research Affiliate. View our Research Affiliates’ profiles.

Centre research

The Centre’s research aims to understand how policing contributes to and causes vulnerability as well as how it mitigates it. This involves working across areas such as the police, healthcare, social services and education to improve integration and service responses for vulnerable people. It also includes investigating problems such as county lines drug networks, online child sexual victimisation, domestic abuse, modern slavery, the policing of mental illness and homelessness, as well as public understanding of the role of the police and police priorities.

Benefits of being an Affiliate

  • The Centre’s Research Affiliates are part of a network of people with a professional research interest in the broad field of vulnerability and policing research.
  • They are kept informed of the work of the Centre and its partners and receive the Centre newsletter and regular updates.
  • Research Affiliates have a profile on the website.
  • They have the opportunity to write content for the Centre in related subject areas (normal editorial processes apply).
  • There will be opportunities for the Centre to disseminate Affiliates’ relevant research – this could include promotion through the Centre’s website, newsletter and social media channels.
  • Research Affiliates can be involved in and/or participate at Centre events.
  • They will receive invitations to access development opportunities and have opportunities to collaborate with practitioners working on Centre-related projects.
  • They also have opportunities to attend invitation-only workshops and meetings.

How to become an Affiliate

The success of the Centre’s work is dependent on the wider community of people working in the vulnerability and policing area. We therefore invite you to apply to become a Research Affiliate.

To apply please complete the form below outlining how your work connects with the programme of the Centre. In order to ensure the scheme connects people who work in relevant subject areas, you will need to contact a Co-Investigator, Postdoctoral Researcher or member of the Academic Leadership Team and gain their support as part of the application.


Affiliates do not formally represent the Centre or speak on its behalf. Views expressed by Affiliates or their organisational values do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre.

The Centre Leadership Team will review applications and aim to respond within a month. The Centre reserves the right to approve or decline Affiliate applications at its discretion.