Values and Principles

Our core values and principles inform our work across all activities as well as our relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Shadows of two people walking side by side on the pavement


We strive to be honest and steadfast in upholding our values and principles in all we do.

Inclusive and anti-discriminatory

A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) runs through all of our work. We take an intersectional approach and understand systemic racism needs to be tackled in research and wider society. We engage, foster and respect the diverse contributions of everyone we work with, especially people directly affected by the issues of vulnerability and policing. We are mindful of and seek to manage uneven power dynamics in all our work.


We aim to provide a safe space for diverse perspectives to be shared and for people to reflect, debate and work collectively towards solutions to problems.


We are committed to open and transparent decision-making and to accessible and effective communication which enables external scrutiny. We will strive to realise open research, ensuring our processes and findings are shared in ways that will support the work of others.


We will use evidence to drive social change and generate new ideas that address the problems faced by vulnerable people and service providers.

Responsible innovation

We will be bold in opening up new dialogue, action and improvements, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional practice or wisdom where necessary, always making sure we ‘do no harm’.

Independent interdependence

In all our working relations with partners, we recognise the central importance of collaboration and connectedness, whilst retaining critical independence as an academic centre of excellence that authentically represents research evidence.


We commit to these values and principles in our work with each other and all our partners, and expect everyone connected to the Centre to do the same in their work and engagement with us.