Vulnerability and Policing PhD Network launch

Join us for the launch of the new international Vulnerability and Policing PhD Network.

9.30am – 11.30am (GMT), Tuesday 12 March 2024


The ESRC Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre’s PhD Network brings together a community of PhD students researching the intersection of vulnerability and policing.
In this launch event, interested PhD students will have an opportunity to hear more about and contribute to the plans for the Network and meet other researchers in the vulnerability and policing field.

The event will also feature a guest seminar from Dr Jarrett Blaustein and PhD student Maegan Miccelli (both Australian National University) about vulnerability in the context of disaster policing and climate change.

Vulnerability and Policing during Complex Crises

Policing agencies around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges associated with governing and delivering security in the face of complex crises. The most significant example of this in the past five years has been the Covid-19 pandemic. However, police around the world are also encountering unprecedented disasters caused by natural hazards.

Against this backdrop, the purpose of this seminar is to interrogate how police conceptualize and approach the management of vulnerabilities during complex crises.

Reflecting on two recent case studies from Australia, Jarrett Blaustein and Maegan Miccelli from The Australian National University will highlight several key themes for discussion and future research including:

  • how police understand their relationship with vulnerable/vulnerablised populations;
  • the importance of local knowledge when it comes to interpreting and managing vulnerabilities;
  • and the vulnerabilities of police officers and police agencies during complex emergencies.

This will be an interactive discussion, and participants will reflect on their own research and professional experiences and contribute to the conversation.


  • Introduction to the Centre and PhD network
  • Opportunity to meet other PhD students in the Network
  • “Vulnerability and Policing during Complex Crises” – Dr Jarrett Blaustein and Maegan Miccelli
  • Q&A
  • Next steps for the Network

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