Talk highlights how policing navigates challenges of County Lines drug markets

Dr Chris Devany speaking at a lectern with University of York YorkTalks branding in the background

Dr Chris Devany (Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre) spoke about how police respond to ‘victims’ and ‘offenders’ across county lines drug networks at an event today. 10 January 2024 The talk was part of the University of York’s annual YorkTalks event, which included sixteen short talks about varied topics, such as public services, artificial …

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Through the Cracks in County Lines

A white and orange train moving at speed on railway tracks

By Dr Tobias Kammersgaard and Dr Chris Devany, published: 23/10/2023. This blog was originally published on the N8 PRP website. The term ‘county lines’ is used to refer to the practice of drug sellers from larger cities travelling to smaller towns to distribute illicit drugs. Exploitation is common as those involved will often recruit, groom …

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