Sharon Grace

Professor Sharon Grace

Co-Investigator, Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre
University of York

Professor Sharon Grace is a criminologist with over 30 years’ experience of research and teaching in the field.

Sharon’s career began at the Home Office Research and Planning Unit where she managed and undertook research on domestic and sexual violence, child victims and witnesses, obscenity, policing and probation. Since coming to York, she has undertaken research on Drug Recovery Wings in women’s prisons; effective interventions for drug-using women offenders; synthetic cannabinoid use in prisons and on release; and on the policing of cannabis, anti-social behaviour and sex work.

Sharon’s key research interests are women who use drugs, particularly those involved in the Criminal Justice System; women with complex needs in the Criminal Justice System (both as victims and offenders); criminal justice policy and practice; and drug policy and treatment.

With Dr Joanne Bretherton, Sharon will be undertaking a project on the policing of homelessness. The study will aim to explore hidden forms of homelessness with a particular focus on gender.