Jacques de Maillard

Professor Jacques de Maillard

University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin

Jacques de Maillard is Professor of Political Science at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin (University Paris-Saclay) and at Sciences Po Saint-Germain en Laye. He is the Director of the Cesdip (Centre for sociological research on penal institutions), an interdisciplinary research centre specialised on criminal justice issues.

Jacques’s interests lie in the questions of local governance of security, the diffusion of New Public Management in police organisations, the comparative study of policing in Western countries, stop and search politics, and the pluralisation of policing.

Jacques has been invited to various American (Northwestern, 2015; George Mason, 2016) and European Universities (Portsmouth, 2013; Birkbeck, 2014; Leeds 2019). He has been a member of the Institut Universitaires de France (2011-2016). He has recently published ‘Policing in France’ and ‘Comparative policing’.