Professor Henry Yeomans

Professor Henry Yeomans

Professor of Criminology
University of Leeds

Tell us about yourself

I am a criminologist who specialises in the study of alcohol regulation and historical approaches to criminology.

My research concentrates upon understandings of drinking, the regulation of drinking, or, more commonly, the relationship between the two. My research is inherently inter-disciplinary and I routinely operate at the interface between criminology, history, sociology and law as well as frequently borrowing concepts and insights from wider disciplines, such as political science and economics.

I have written numerous academic publications as well as conducted impact and engagement activities with a range of non-academic audiences and partners.

Why did you want to become a Research Affiliate?

My research interests overlap with the Centre. This is most obvious with respects to the policing of alcohol and drugs.

I am acutely aware of the vulnerabilities which characterise many of the people whose alcohol or drug problems are responded to by police or other criminal justice agencies. I have researched and written about these issues at a policy level before but am increasingly interested in how these challenges are dealt with on an everyday level by the practitioners and professionals involved.

I would welcome the opportunity to interact with network members whose work is relevant here.

How does your research connect to the Centre’s mission and values?

I am specifically interested in the interaction between vulnerabilities and policing or other criminal justice interventions with regards to those who have problems with drug or alcohol dependence.

I am keen to engage with others interested in this area to deepen understandings of these complex social problems. Also, I’m interested in scoping out prospects for new or revised interventions which could lessen the individual and social harms that arise from the connections between drugs, alcohol, crime and criminal justice. I share the Centre’s commitment to improving outcomes for vulnerable people.