David Gadd

Professor David Gadd

Co-Investigator, Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre
University of Manchester

David Gadd is Professor of Criminology at the University of Manchester.

David’s expertise spans the fields of psychosocial criminology, masculinities and crime, hate crime, gender-based violence and modern slavery. He has previously led a number of major projects. These include Mapping the Contours of Human Trafficking for the N8 Policing Partnership and the ESRC-funded From Boys to Men Project which looked at what can be done to stop young men becoming perpetrators of domestic violence in later life. He also led the European Commission-funded ReADaPt Project that examined domestic abuse prevention and education across Europe, as well as an ESRC-funded study on the perpetrators of racially motivated crime and a Scottish Executive-funded study on male victims of domestic abuse.

David’s most recent books include Young Men and Domestic Abuse and Demystifying Modern Slavery. He serves on Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Gender-Based Violence Board, and played a key role in drafting the ten year strategy which that board is implementing.

Over the next five years David will lead one stand of research (with Dr Rose Broad) investigating what can be learnt from criminal cases to inform a more preventative approach to modern slavery; and another charting the emergence of ‘whole systems approach’ to domestic abuse in Greater Manchester that is sensitive to the vulnerabilities of both offenders and victims.