Centre welcomes leading researcher on policing and climate change

The ESRC Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre has hosted Dr Jarrett Blaustein as an international visiting fellow to learn about his work on policing and climate change and to contribute to a new strand of work on policing futures that the Centre is developing.

15 March 2024

Dr Jarrett Blaustein is an Associate Professor and the Director of Education in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) at the Australian National University.

During his two-week engagement with the Centre, he delivered a public lecture at the University of Leeds about what policing is, and what it might become, in the climate crisis. This event explored how police are adapting to the complex risks of climate change and what factors might support or prevent them from successfully adapting.

Dr Blaustein’s talk drew upon his recent research on local policing during the 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires in Australia. It examined how local policing activities, shaped by previous crises and adaptations, seemingly reduced vulnerabilities and enhanced community resilience and emergency management capabilities.

In his time with the Centre, Dr Blaustein contributed to a workshop on “Vulnerability and Policing during Complex Crises” at the launch of the new international Vulnerability and Policing PhD Network.

He also joined a research planning workshop with scholars and policy professionals, including representatives from the Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser for Policing and the Police Science Council. The workshop explored knowledge exchange and research opportunities to help prepare, plan and adapt policing to the expected future impacts of climate change in the UK.

During his time in the UK, Dr Blaustein also delivered a talk at Kings College London, Durham Global Security Institute, Northumbria University, and the University of Edinburgh.

“It has been fantastic to host Dr Jarrett Blaustein as the Centre’s international visiting fellow”, said Professor Adam Crawford, Co-Director of the Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre.

“Jarrett’s research is incredibly pertinent as we attempt to adapt to the ongoing impacts of climate change. Collaboration between researchers and public sector organisations will be essential to build capacity to tackle the effects of climate change as well as other complex crises. The importance of taking lessons from other jurisdictions and across sectors cannot be underestimated and Jarrett has provided really valuable insights in his time with the Centre.”

Dr Jarrett Blaustein said, “I’m incredibly grateful to the Centre for hosting me for this visit and affording me the opportunity to kick-start a national conversation about adaptive policing responses to climate change in the UK.

“Climate change presents unprecedented challenges for police organisations around the world, and international collaboration and knowledge exchange will be vital for enabling police to govern and deliver security for the public good in the face of increasing disaster risk.”