Liam Bailey

Liam Bailey

Data Scientist
University of Leeds

Liam holds a first class honours BSc in Psychology from Keele University, and a distinction MSc in Psychological Research Methods with Data Science from the University of Sheffield. Currently, he is a Data Scientist at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) where he employs data science techniques to address public good challenges.

In addition to his role at LIDA, Liam has also served as a Research Assistant at the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group (YQSR). Here, he contributed to projects focusing on improving healthcare outcomes, where his research supported initiatives to enhance patient service delivery.

Prior to his career in research, Liam gained experience in the healthcare field, working as a support worker in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services psychiatric hospital and in a residential home for individuals with autism and learning difficulties.

Liam’s research interests revolve around utilising interdisciplinary research and data science techniques to address societal challenges. He is particularly focused on applying these techniques to produce tangible real-world impacts.

At the Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre, Liam is exploring how vulnerabilities predispose children to entering care. By analysing linked public service data on the Connected Bradford platform, his research seeks to identify both temporal trends and geographic patterns in the identification of children at risk. Uncovering these factors can inform the development of targeted early intervention strategies and tailored provisions. This proactive approach aims to support at-risk children more effectively and ultimately reduce the number of children entering care.