Ineke Nierstrasz works as a strategic advisor on Safety and International issues for the City of Rotterdam. She studied law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. During her career in the public domain, she has worked in various posts but always related to strategic issues.

Ineke started her career in Rotterdam as a legal advisor to the mayor’s office. As a senior policy advisor on public order and safety she wrote the policies and local laws for the city on nightlife, gambling, drugs and prostitution. This was followed by some years as an advisor for the Alderman of Economics and the Port of Rotterdam. Returning at the end of 2002 to the safety department in a management position, she was responsible for the five-year prevention safety program of the City of Rotterdam. Since 2013, she has worked on designing the Cyber Resilience program for the port (100 Resilient Cities) and the cybercrime program for the Department of Public Safety 2017.

Ineke represents the city of Rotterdam in the Executive Committee of the European Forum for Urban Security. Furthermore, she coordinates the international projects at the Department of Public Safety. Currently, Ineke is a program manager for the Innovative Approaches to Urban Security IcARUS project (2020-24).