Dr Anna Barker

Dr Anna Barker

Associate Professor in Criminal Justice & Criminology
University of Leeds

Tell us about yourself

I am passionate about making public space and parks and green spaces in particular – safe, convivial and inclusive. I lead inter-disciplinary programmes of research working in partnership with local and combined authorities, policing organisations and charities to support change.

My research coalesces around three inter-connecting themes:

  • the governance and policing of urban spaces;
  • perceptions of (in)security and fear of crime;
  • and mediated conviviality.

Most recently, I led the Safer Parks Project, exploring the views of women and girls towards the safety in parks which led to the creation of new guidance for the design and management of parks to make them safer and more welcoming for women and girls. I co-founded the international Parks & Green Spaces Research Portal, hosted by Green Flag Award, which aims to bring together global expertise and makes it easy to share ideas, research and evidence to support policymakers and practitioners. I am also a Trustee of Love Leeds Parks.

Why did you want to become a Research Affiliate?

I am interested in connecting with the Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre’s research and networks. I also want to participate in and contribute to events, such as the Research showcase: tackling violence against women and girls event that is being organised.

How does your research connect to the Centre’s mission and values?

My research on policing and women and girls’ safety in public spaces connects with the Centre’s focus on vulnerabilities, and its focus on place. The Centre’s programme of research also focuses on particular problems that are prevalent in policing vulnerability, of which violence against women and girls and the safety of women and girls could add to. I am also happy to support the Centre’s activities, and have advised on the Centre’s Q methods study of vulnerability.