Abigail Brake

Abigail Brake

Data Scientist
University of Leeds

Abigail comes from an International Relations background with a BA in French & International Relations from the University of Leeds and an MA in Violence, Terrorism & Security from Queen’s University Belfast. Her MA dissertation analysed global trends in cyber attacks and whether these reach the threshold for “warfare”.

In 2021, Abigail returned to Leeds where she completed a research project collecting and coding data on mass atrocity crimes in Syria. The project aimed to distinguish the dynamics of violence between state and non-state actors, geopolitical alliances and sectarian divides. Following this, Abigail moved to the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics.

Abigail’s research interests include all things data, intelligence and security: how we can use data to inform research and practice in political and societal issues.

Abigail’s project with the Centre aimed to examine the intersection of vulnerability-related emergency service provision across the Bradford region. Using data from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and West Yorkshire Police through the Connected Bradford Research Database, the project explored spatial and temporal patterns of selected 999 calls and quantified their overlap with various vulnerability-related police incidents. Ultimately, it aimed to inform how models may be developed to quantify the supply and demand dynamics associated with vulnerability-related emergency service provision.