James Battye

James Battye

Data Scientist
University of Leeds

James graduated with an MSci in Physics from University of Bristol. Following this, he worked as a data analytics consultant at KPMG for four years, developing analytics solutions for a range of clients in the public and private sectors.

James joined the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA), within the University of Leeds, as a data scientist in 2022. His research focused on supporting healthy and sustainable purchasing habits. This work included developing a digital replica of a customer loyalty scheme, known as a digital twin, consisting of an agent-based model to generate synthetic purchases from customer agents. The digital twin enables simulated data about the scheme to be collected so iterative improvements can be made.

James’s research interests focus on how data science can be utilised for public good. This includes improving the food system and enhancing public service provision through applying novel data science techniques to routinely collected public service data.

In his work with the Vulnerability and Policing Futures Research Centre, James looked at Department for Education (DfE) data. He explored how it can be used to analyse geospatial patterns in potential vulnerability indicators across Bradford with a particular focus on school absences. The DfE data was accessed through the Connected Bradford platform. The platform stores a range of linked public service data.