Amanda Bailey Hass

Data Scientist
University of Leeds

Amanda Bailey Hass graduated with MPhys from the University of Sheffield in 2015 and then graduated with a PhD from the University of Sheffield in 2019. She worked in Applied Maths as a research fellow at the University of Leeds from 2019-2022 before joining the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) as a Data Scientist.

Amanda’s previous research interests have included theoretical predictions of phase diagrams for unknown pair potentials (the potential energy interaction between two particles) in different dimensions. A phase diagram shows in what state (gas, liquid, solid) a substance exists under various conditions (pressure, temperature). Amanda’s research interests also include calculations of minimal energy paths in potential energy surfaces.

In her role at LIDA, Amanda investigated how to identify the way in which the police come into contact with vulnerable people. She used datasets from the West Yorkshire Police including crime and 999 data for this work.